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Ruggero RuoccoRuggero Ruocco


He studies piano with P. Bordoni and A. Mozzati, composition with A. Soresina and G. Manzoni.

After several acclaims in national and international competitions, he began to attend important concert institutions in Italy, Europe, North and Central America, and also collaborated with numerous orchestras.

For years he has devoted himself to deepening the music of Italian authors.

In this area he recorded a CD with the integral of the piano work of Petrassi and Dallapiccola, followed by those dedicated to Sgambati, Martucci and finally a participation in one focused on Margola, with the recording of his Kinderkonzert.

The reception received by the specialized press has always been flattering, both in Italy and abroad.

Practice a nurtured and versatile cameronian activity, ranging from duo (in various combinations) to the piano quintet and bows.

Since 1975 she has been a master piano teacher at the Conservatory of Brescia.

He is the author, in collaboration with E. Ghezzi, of a Piano Method edited by Carisch.


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