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Moretti MatteoMatteo Moretti

oboe and percussion

Obedient in oboe and percussion instruments is active with both instruments.

He has collaborated with various orchestras and chamber music: RAI, Italian Arch Orchestra, Stable Bergamo, Philharmonic of Turin, Carme, Divertimento Ensemble, Echo Ensemble, Ensemble Musica XX, Fiarì Ensemble, Ensemble Soloists etc.

He is a founding member of the percussion quintet "Re-percussion" of the RAI National Symphony Orchestra.

He has performed concerts in Italy, Austria, Spain, Germany, Switzerland and the United States, performing at major events and at the theaters and concert halls among the most prestigious: Salzburg Mozarteum, Accademia di S.Cecilia in Rome, Verdi Sala del Conservatorio di Milano.

He kept recordings for RAI and RTSI.

At just nineteen years he was the winner of the competition for teaching percussion instruments, presently at the "G. Cantelli" Conservatory of Novara.


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