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sergio lattesSergio Lattes


Sergio Lattes, a pianist trained at Vincenzo Vitale's Neapolitan school, a youthful musicological passion (he has also signed some of Groves's voices) has kept the taste for music's reasoning and its popularity.

As a pianist, he always loves the overall music, collaborates with instrumentalists and singers, and has also played in France, Switzerland, Great Britain and the United States.

He has been playing contemporary music, playing at the New Consonance Festival in Rome, at the Cantiere di Montepulciano, at the Spoleto's Two Worlds Festival, and in Milan, Dialoghi with Maderna, Eco and Narcissus, Novurgia, Music Trails.

He directed the ASM Concerts, one of the most brilliant experiences of music and non-profit contacts. As a consultant to the City of Milan, he has promoted new music initiatives by the Administration: "13 + 13 Nights of Night" at Villa Simonetta, "The Garden of Music" in the park of the Liberty Palace, "Mozart at Quarto Oggiaro" and "Fluxus-Festa Of another world "in Villa Scheibler, accompanied by the birth of the" Bach weeks "with" The Concerts of the Quartet ".

He is one of the founding members of the Musicadinsieme association.

He lives in Milan, where he was pianist of Rai's symphonic orchestra for vent'anni, and he taught piano at the Conservatory G. Verdi.


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