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perrucchetti paoloPaolo Perucchetti


He completed musical studies with Masters Luscia and Perini with whom he graduated with the highest marks.

After winning in 1979 the national competition for the place of "Primo cello" at the Emilia Romagna symphonic orchestra, "A. Toscanini", began an intense concert activity as a soloist and as the first cello for important chamber and chamber groups (Orchestra del Festival of Brescia and Bergamo, Chamber Orchestra of Mantua, Bresciano Chamber of Commerce, Quartet Casals, etc.) in Italy and abroad.

He is regularly invited as a guest instrumentist from the (Philharmonic Orchestra of the Scala of Milan.

Since 1980 he has been teaching at the Conservatory of Brescia, "Luca Marenzio", as the holder of the cello.

He plays on a cello Carlo Ferdinando Landolfi of 1750.


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