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sonia bergamascoSonia Bergamasco


She was born in Milan where he graduated in piano at the G.Verdi Conservatory and acting at the Piccolo Teatro's School.

She worked with G.Strehler (Faust, Arlecchino Servant of Two Masters), M. Castri (The Controversy, The Game of Love and Case, Ecuba, The Trilogy of the Resort), G.Mauri (Richard II), T. Terzopoulos (Antigone), G.Cobelli (Macbeth) and Pinocchio of C.Bene.

She is Interpreter and Director of White Days, by I.Bachmannn.

In 2003 she debuted as an author in Orfeo Baby's performance-concert, of which she is also director and interpreter. In the film, she debuted in '94 in the short film Summer of S.Soldini.

Later he worked with A.Porporati (What I can afford), Fr.Rosa (The Mnemonist) and F.Giraldi (Voices).

In 2000 he is the protagonist of the movie The Love probably by G.Bertolucci.

In 2002 he plays Amorphous, directed by E.Piovano, and is cast in The Best Youth of M.T.Gjordana (Silver Tape 2004 as the protagonist).

Twice Red House Award at Independent Cinema Festival in Bellaria (2002 and 2004). Flaiano 2005 Award for the film De Gasperi The Man of Hope.

At the same time, the activity is also intensified as a singer-songwriting voice, in a vast repertoire ranging from romantic concert melologist to the 19th century repertoire (Pierrot lunaire in Milan, Florence, Como, A floresta é jovem and cheja de vida di L.Nono - New Small Theater; Walton Facade with Freon Ensemble directed by S.Cardi - RAI - Radio3 Suite, Don Perlimplin by B.Maderna) and Contemporary.

The search for a voice writing that puts the "voice tool" at the center of creative inquiry brings it to the experiences of some Italian composers (important collaboration with A.Corghi) and pushes it to create true "voice scores".

Some of his poems have been published in the Poetry magazine by N.Crocetti (1996).

She is the winner of the National Poetry Prize "Marianna Florenzi" chaired by C.Garboli (1997).

In 1999, it was the engraving of Pierrot lunaire (ed. ARTS).

The Recitarsonando, anthology of melodies for actor and piano (eg RAITRADE) is released.



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