Rocco Carbonara


Graduated at the Conservatory of Milan, he completed his studies with G.Garbarino and A.Pay.

As a first clarinet he has performed with the Orchestra of the Teatro Comunale di Treviso, the Milan Classica Orchestra, the RAI Orchestra of Milan, the Budapest Chamber Orchestra and the Orchestra of Padua and of the Veneto, of which he has been a member since 1989 , Participating in record and concert activity in the major theaters of Italy and Europe.

He has worked with musicians such as A.Pay, A.Ballista, A. Carfi, M.Rizzi, M.Lomuto, G.Cassone, D.Shifrin, L.F.Tagliavini, playing for prestigious Italian and foreign musical institutions.

He has a collection of international clarinets of international relevance and in this field he has collaborated with orchestras playing on ancient instruments such as the Orchestra of the Pietà de 'Turchini of Naples, the Barochists of Lugano, the Chambre Philarmonique of Paris, the Baroque Complex of Alan Curtis, the Amsterdam Academy.

He is the first clarinet of the Litta Academy in Milan. He recorded for Claves, Pilz, Memories, Velut Moon, Arcophon / Rivo Alto.



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