daniela cimaDaniela Cima


She studied at the Conservatory of Brescia and graduated with B. Cavallo, further improving her performing talents with M. Larrieu, K. Klemm and A. Morini.

She participated in national and international festivals, with a focus on chamber music in the most varied ensembles, often performing and debuting contemporary pieces in specialised locations (IX prize Ancona 1986; Biella 1987; I concerti della sala bianca - Como 1986; I and II week of contemporary music, Incontri con la nuova musica for the association Nuovi spazi sonori; Aspekte Salzburg 1987; Sèmaine Européenne des musiques d'aujourd'hui - Paris 1991; Musica in prospettiva - Perugia 1991; Il Coretto - Bari 1993; Alpe Adria Giovani, Trieste 1993; Japanese Culture Institute, Rome 2000, etc.).

The composer Giancarlo Facchinetti dedicated her the piece Varianti that she premiered in Brescia on February 2008. On January 2010 she played in the Concert season Armonie d'autore, Teatro dal Verme, Milan and on June in the Mantova Theatre Festival - Eterotopie.

Her performances have been broadcast by the RAI and by the Austrian radio ÖRF. Recently she premiered together with the guitarist Leopoldo Saracino the piece Stati by Osvaldo Coluccino, actually included in a monographic CD.

She received her degree in the History of modern music at the University of Parma, under the guidance of Prof. G.P. Minardi, with a work on chamber music by C. Togni, obtaining the highest marks with honours and first prize in the competition promoted by the "Ugo da Como" Foundation of Lonato (Brescia). The work has been published by Suvini Zerboni as "Camillo Togni - Le opere", Milan 2004.

She writes booklets for Opera Houses and gives lectures for musical institutions. She collaborates with the Orvieto Spazio Musica Orchestra in the Laboratorio Lirico. She teaches Flute at the Liceo Musicale V. Gambara based in Brescia and at the Liceo Golgi in Breno.


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